The racing aircraft P-51B / C Mustang.

Two variants of colors: Bendix Trophy winner 1946 and 1947 GG -pilot Paul Mantz, and winner of the 1949 r Joe De Bona (also on this machine flew Jackie Cochran)

Speedboat NKL-27

Planing NKL-27 is designed for river exploration, to communicate and to perform ancillary works at crossings device. Poluglisser NKL-27 is part of a group of motor vehicles pontoon park H2n (H2n-41 H2n-45).


Repair plant for the needs of the army and intelligence agencies on the basis of UAZ-452 released staff bus.

Heavy armored car ADGZ

Heavy armored car ADGZ

Heavy armored car ADGZ with the radio Fu12

ADGZ - all-wheel drive heavy armored vehicle of World War II.

Kamov Ка-10

The helicopter for observation and communication Ka-10 became the first rotorcraft coaxial, successfully passed state tests and manufactures small series.

Polikarpov I-153 Chaika

I-153 "Chaika" - Soviet fighter piston 30's - 40's.

Polikarpov I-15 BIS

-15 "fighter fifteenth" "easy to maneuver" (nicknamed "Chato" Spanish. "Snub-nosed") - a Soviet single-engine fighter