Figure pilot Erich Hartmann

Highest fighter pilot of all time. The kit comprises of white metal parts and wooden stand. M 1/24

Set bombs and rockets for a Soviet aircraft 2nd World War.

Set weapons to light bombers and attack aircraft. It includes plastic and photoetched parts, decal.

Tools, cans, buckets Germany World II period.

The kit includes a set of tools, cans, bucket. For armored Wehrmacht 2nd World War. It consists of plastic and photoetched parts, decal includes.

Auto UAZ-452 Bukhanka

UAZ-452 - special cargo-passenger, all-wheel drive, two-axle road vehicle, with the wheel formula 4 × 4.

Set for P-51B / C

Set for P-51B / C contains a mask for the lamp, photoetching and film for the dashboard.

Soviet battle aerosan NKL-26

Sledge NKL-26 had an armored hull, providing bulletproof and Ballistic protection

North American T-28 Trojan “Blue Angels”

North American T-28 Trojan "Blue Angels"

The racing aircraft Beechcraft D17S.

The racing aircraft Beechcraft D17S. Pilot Ross Hadley, 1938

The racing aircraft P-51D

The racing aircraft P-51D. Pilot Lefty Gardner, winner of the Reno National Championship in 1976.