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17Jan 2017

P-63E Essentially similar to the P-63D with the exception of a ventral fin extension and the use of a standard “cab”-style cockpit; only 13 built.

17Jan 2017

P-63C Second production series differed from the P-63A by being powered by the uprated Allison V-1710-117 engine with a war emergency rating of 1,500 hp (1,120 kW) at sea level and 1,800 hp (1,340 kW) with water injection. The wingspan was reduced by 10 inches (250 mm). A total production run of 1,227 was completed

17Jan 2017

The Polikarpov R-5 was a Soviet reconnaissance bomber aircraft of the 1930s. It was the standard light bomber and reconnaissance aircraft with the Soviet Air Force for much of the 1930s, while also being used heavily as a civilian light transport, in the order of 7,000 being built in total.

23Dec 2015

Home sales- February 2016.

12Oct 2015

Two-seat training version for the Royal Navy, 61 built, 10 of which were later converted to target tugs for West Germany, operated by a civilian company

24Jul 2015

Самолет «Си Фьюри» («Sea Fury») британской фирмы Хоукер Эйркрафт (Hawker Aircraft Ltd.) был последним английским морским истребителем с поршневым двига­телем. Самолет оставался в строю вплоть до начала 60-х годов

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